Welcome to the Webelos Den

Fourth Grade

Den Leader: Marty Ghen / Todd Walters12_small

To earn the Webelos Badge, a Cub Scout must complete 5 required adventures and 2 Webelos Electives.
The achievements are done with a den as a group or at home and signed off by an
adult family member. The book is shown to the Den Leader who records the scout’s progress
and signs the boys book.


As a Webelos scout you’ll learn how to plan and prepare a meal, first aid and best practices for staying healthy. Additional advanced skills in hiking and nature. There are many adventures to choose from such as Adventures in Science, Game Design, Engineering, and movie making.


Become a Webelos scout today with Cub Pack 133! Webelos-Oval




Webelos Walkabout

Stronger, Faster, Higher

First Responder

Duty to God and You

Cast Iron Chef









Project Family

Movie Making


Look Back Look Forward

Into the Woods

Into the Wild






Game Design

Fix It


Earth Rocks


Build My Own Hero

Build It

Aware and Care

Art Explosion


Adventures in Science